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Use international cash cards and credit cards to withdraw Japanese yen!

You can use the following international cards to withdraw Japanese yen at e-net ATMs in select locations of FamilyMart, Don Quijote, and other retailers. This service is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year!

Instructions for Using the E-net ATM

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Compatible ATMs

You can use the following international cards at retailers where these ATMs are installed.
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International cards-Enabled Establishments

*e-net ATMs are also available at select locations of Daily Yamazaki, POPLAR, Premium Outlets (Mitsubishi Estate-Simon), Sanrio Puroland, and other retailers.

* There may be stores that do not have the e-net ATM installed.

> You can search for ATMs here.

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Applicable Cards/Service Details

  • Card Name





  • Logos

  • Hours of Operation

    24 hours

    24 hours

    24 hours

    24 hours

*In some cases, a card with the same logo may be incompatible.
*Handling fees may vary depending on the bank of withdrawal. Some card issuers may also require to pay other additional fees.
* Please contact using theguidance telephone available if you have any questions.
*For information on daily withdrawal limits or other transactions, please contact China UnionPay at 0034-800-800-287.

Using ATMs/Cautions

Search for ATM Locations

Search for ATM Locations

Using ATMs/Cautions